A topographic survey shows the natural and man-made features of the terrain. While a Boundary Survey usually only represents measurements in 2 dimensions (horizontal only), a topographic survey represents measurements that include 3 dimensions (horizontal & vertical).

A topographic survey map illustrates elevation changes in the form of contour lines throughout the survey area. These contours are developed from many individual 3 dimensional measurements taken on the ground at the survey site. In some cases thousands of measurements or “spot-shots” are collected depending on the size of the area and complexity of the terrain.

At Henry Surveys, we utilize the latest technology including a Total Stations & GPS technology to take these 3 dimensional measurements. Once the field work is completed a 3D model of the measurements is created from using the latest in Computer Aided Drafting software (AutoCAD). A completed 3D model allows for many deliverables including, contour maps, cross sections, profiles and volume calculations.