Boundary Survey

A Boundary Survey is the process of identifying the lengths and distances of lines around a known area of the earth.It may also be known as a cadastral, or property survey.

In Colonial States, such as Pennsylvania, the description of property is by “metes and bounds description”. This description is the portion of a deed for a tract of land which refers to magnetic directions, linear distances and references to physical markers or features found at the corners of the property that is being described.

A surveyor, in performing a Boundary Survey, uses identification of physical markers or features on the ground that are indicated in the metes and bounds description of the deed, and in many cases adjacent deeds, to determine the physical location of the property on the ground. Along with the determination of the boundary, a Boundary Survey typically includes location of certain physical features contained within or near the determined boundary. These features can include buildings, fences, streams, roads, utility lines, etc.

At Henry Surveys we provide the final results of the survey in the form of a “Boundary Survey Map” along with the installation of property corner markers and, if requested, paint and blaze trees on or near the boundary lines of the property.